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Life Coaching ~

What is a life coach and why would you hire one? A life coach is a co-creative partner in assisting you to achieve goals and dreams that may be more difficult or feel impossible on your own. A coach is not a therapist, nor is a coach going to tell you what you need to do. A coach helps you find in yourself what you already know, but are finding difficulty in taking the steps, or even knowing the steps to get where you want. Often times people are hesitant to take steps in realizing a dream, starting a new career, or getting into (or getting out of) a relationship. There are a variety of reasons, but usually fear is the number one reason. The list goes on from there and holds people back from living a truly powerful, authentic life. Realizing your true purpose in life can be a lofty goal if you don't believe you can be, do or have what you really want. This is the beauty of having a life coach to assist you in this process short or long term.


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