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Beliefs About Ourselves

I think having limiting beliefs about ourselves is very common as humans. These beliefs hold us back in so many areas of our lives, from having the career we want, a great relationship, living our ideal lifestyle, etc. The list is as varied and as long as our mind can think of them.

To go thru life and not believing you can be, do or have what you want is not what we are on this earth to act out, in my humble opinion. We have the capability to live beyond our wildest dreams, but those dreams have to start somewhere and this is not outside of ourselves. No one can give or take away that belief. They may contribute to it, but it is up to us to change what limits us. We are the driver in our lives, not our mother, friend or boss. (Or dog/horse/cat/baby Alpaca.....)

In our day and age of information, really, most roadblocks to living our ideal life are a click away to read and learn about how to get past. There are so many resources to help get us in the right direction. Given that we do some research on what is real and will work for us rather than getting involved in a scam or true "untruth", resources are so close at hand in one form or another. To take the time to research is time well spent, rather than acting on a knee jerk reaction that the first set of information is set in stone and what you should follow.

Taking some time to acknowledge our beliefs about ourselves is a great start to changing our lives for the better. We can do it by verbalizing to others, ie, a significant other, friend, therapist, coach. We also can write it down, so we can see it in real life. The printed word is powerful and to see your belief on paper "I'm not smart enough" can have significant emotional feelings pop up. Own your feelings about your belief and take the time to realize it truly doesn't have to run your life anymore. Life is not that static and nothing ever stays the same. Including your limiting beliefs. You can change that as quick as you can think it.

Common beliefs are:

I'm not smart enough.

I'm fat & out of shape, therefore I can't run a marathon.

My parents are dead, and I just can't over the fact that I am an orphan and have no support system. I suck and I am pretty sure I will never get over this loss.

I don't have a college degree so getting the job of my choice is out of the question.

I just pick the wrong men......

I just pick the wrong alpacas.

Life is hard and it's full of mean people. Really, what can I do?

My dog ate my homework....

Having big dreams is for others. I just don't have the money to do what I want.

All of these beliefs are just beliefs. We all know, even people with both legs blasted off in war can run marathons. How can that be? Somehow these individuals didn't have a limiting belief about themselves. They wanted it so bad, they found a way.

In reference to coaching, we all need a little help. Issues come up, fears come up, reality slaps us in the face that our dream may not be as easy as seeing it in our head. Having the help of a coach can do wonders for getting us past some of the hard stuff, those limiting beliefs that we buy into and can't seem to move past. A coach can be invaluable in that respect, a co-creative partner who is not emotionally invested in your dream. While a spouse or best friend can really help, sometimes they have their own agenda without really knowing their limiting beliefs or agenda may not be helping you at all. It may not be as effective as having an un-biased partner, who's only objective is for you to be successful in helping you attain your goals and dreams.



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